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I’m “the tea guy” for Halloween.


Looks like a good hangover cure...

What kind of tea do you make for a Halloween party?  I guess Lapsang Souchong because it’s smoky.  I tried mixing scotch with it once but it didn’t work.  Hot alcohol is not a flavor that plays well with others.   Continue reading ‘I’m “the tea guy” for Halloween.’


IMG_2017Ooh, I drank a teabag!

Serious tea drinkers aren’t supposed to do that.  They drink loose-leaf tea using lots of complicated measuring and infusing apparatus.  But I was virtually out of black tea, and what else are you supposed to drink with oatmeal?

So are teabags really all that bad?

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Why all the cups?


Is this really necessary?

So you were probably wondering why I was fiddling with all those tiny teacups yesterday.  (If you weren’t, you could probably use some testosterone supplements.)  When I get a new tea, I like to try brewing it at a range of times and temperatures.  This produces different “shades” of the flavor profile.  Once I tried nine simultaneous variations; I looked like Lucy wrapping chocolate.

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Sudden Mountain Yellow Teeth.

Upton Tea Imports calls it Huo Shan Yellow Buds, but I like my literal translation better.  The Chinese call it Huo Shan Huang Ya (癨山黃牙), and it’s one of two yellow teas I got from Upton.  (It appears they just got these this season: the “yellow” category isn’t yet incorporated into the tabs at the top of their site.)

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I drank the chemicals.







A cup of tea is a stew of component chemicals.

In the 1-2% that isn’t water, you’ve got your polyphenols, caffeine, amino acids and other nitrogenous compounds, vitamins, and minerals/inorganic elements.  This is not to mention the lipids and carbohydrates (sugar and fiber) that largely don’t infuse from the leaf, but can still wind up in your mouth.  Oh, and I forgot the aroma compounds.

So to analyze and understand the taste of tea, I got my hands on some of the separated component chemicals.

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Hi, I have the tea for you.

Tea is delicious.  It is good for you.  I like to drink tea.  If you don’t like tea you are probably doing it wrong.  Maybe I can help.  If you still don’t like tea I will look at you askance.

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