I’m “the tea guy” for Halloween.


Looks like a good hangover cure...

What kind of tea do you make for a Halloween party?  I guess Lapsang Souchong because it’s smoky.  I tried mixing scotch with it once but it didn’t work.  Hot alcohol is not a flavor that plays well with others.  

It’s not that I think a Halloween party needs tea.  Especially not if it already has pizza, beers, and baseball.  (Go Phillies.)  I’m just broke, and it’s what I have to offer.  It’s my area of expertise, and I’ve got plenty to share.

Though it’s kind of an embarrassing area of expertise, right?  Once I had a tea party and Patricia was encouraging me to wax pedagogical.  I just wanted people to have a good time.  It’s important for me that tea be a means to good company and not just an end in itself.  I wasn’t trying to be “the tea guy.”  I was just having a good time learning lots of interesting things.  And I want to be a “good guy to hang out with.”  Having awesome stuff to put in one’s mouth is my preferred avenue, though it is pretty great to do alone too.

But given the extreme specialization of contemporary economic society, apparently you have to be “the something guy” to get paid–make a brand out of yourself.  And if you make a brand out of yourself, is there anything left that’s not for sale? This is all a little hysterical, of course.  I can accept being “the tea guy.”  It’s just something that’s easy to second-guess when I’m out of work.


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