Meet me, eat, tea.


Hi, my name is Newbie

I bought a Meetup group.  Join us and we’ll drink together! I’m hoping to get some of my friends on board, especially those that don’t have prior Meetup experience.  That way you won’t know if I’m doing it wrong.

Delaware Valley Tea Lovers was set to expire because the old organizer was stepping down, so I stepped up.  I hope I didn’t step in it instead.  The current introductory message is from an old organizer: “I really do not see myself leading this group in the direction YOU want to go. I am sorry for creating such turmoil.”  I should probably change that.

Anyhow, I’m thinking Sunday, November 15 at 2 PM would be good for a first meeting.  Pencil me in, and I’ll keep you posted.  Also, if you have any tips on Meetups let me know.


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