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Glass teapot buying guide!

I guess all your Christmas presents are already purchased by now, but I wanted to note some desiderata for glass teapots.  This is coming from someone who has had 9 different glass teapots.  Most places mention glass is good if you want to try those “display teas.”  As if you wake up every morning and make yourself a pot of “Blooming Chrysanthemum.”  No, it’s definitely fun to look at tea, even if it’s not tied into flower shapes.  But I like glass because you can measure how much tea you’re making.

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Civilization, carried on the emperor’s head.

Super buds, reformist emperor!

Ok, that’s a fabulist translation of Kai Hua Long Ding, 開化龍頂.  Kai hua is a Chinese verb that means to civilize, to have laws and culture, and it’s also the name of a town in Zhejiang province.  (Maybe it’s “Reformtown,” thus christened in the Cultural Revolution days.)  This town is presumably the origin of this green tea I got from Adagio.  “Long ding” is often translated as “dragon’s peak.”  In Chinese, “dragon” is synonymous with “emperor” or “imperial,” and Kai Hua Long Ding was one of several premium teas offered to the emperor in tribute.  So while “ding” may signify this tea is made of budsets, it may just as well mean “super duper.”

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Disclosure Time

Today is the first day the Federal Trade Commission’s new guidelines on endorsements go into effect.  These legal interpretations let advertisers know what’s permissible and what’s unacceptably misleading in product testimonials by consumers, celebrities, journalists, and of recent import, bloggers and other “word-of-mouth” consumer-level marketers.  (Here’s the FTC’s summary page on the change, and the 75 page full text is here for the ambitious.)

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