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“monster truck of gaiwans”

Crushing free radicals with awesome power....

We were at Random Tea Room for our weekly Thursday Philly Tea Meetup.

After a pot of Assam, we were ready to get into gong-fu style, so Brandon asked Becky to bring out a gaiwan.

Brandon is a devotee of the wee pot of tea (repeat to infinity).  So he was amazed when Becky produced a gaiwan of perhaps 10 ounce capacity.  He dubbed it the monster truck of gaiwans.

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Learn chanoyu now

In 10 easy lessons. OK, 9.
Beginning this Saturday–OK, last Saturday–you can take a beginner’s course in Japanese Tea Ceremony at Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park.  It’s not too late to start on May 15.  May 22 would be too late to start.
Rudimentary details here.

The Philadelphia chapter of the Urasenke school of chanoyu was started by Brother Joe Keenan of LaSalle University, who was intrigued by the parallels between chanoyu and the catholic liturgy.  The school continues at the “Japanese House” in West Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park.  Classes are taught by Morgan Beard and Drew Hanson.

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Young Puerh tea is better than a low price car

…because a low price car would not age into a Porsche.

There is a castle made of tea, I like to go there and not sleep....

I’ve been browsing the webpages of Chan Kam Pong, a Hong Kong lawyer and tea-enthusiast who goes by the name of Cloud.

This post’s title comes from some advice from Cloud to learn as your station allows: “[P]ursuing a good tea within your reasonable affordable target price is good enough.  That is your own good tea.”  This can be frustrating when I have been afforded access to some of the finest aged teas by generous souls with sounder economic footing.  I must be patient, and more diligent about building foundations under my air-castles.

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