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柿子包! The persimmon pouch

These pouches are the perfect accessory for your treasured Yixing teapot; they keep it protected for storage and transport, and they are stylish enough for display.  They are handcrafted from 100% silk.  The bottoms are lined with padding, and even the drawstring closures are made of fine materials like jade, sodalite, and bone.

Did I mention that I made them?

It was unexpected, but fitting, that I began working as a draper.  I had no suspicion I would become a seamster.  But I saw a clever cotton drawstring pouch of Brandon‘s, and once I started working for a silk retailer, I realized I could make one of these pouches myself, from superior materials.

I hope to begin selling these pouches soon, likely through an Etsy page.  Please contact me if you would like to purchase one, custom made for your Yixing teapot.  Here are some fabrics I have on hand:

But I can procure all sorts of esoteric patterns and colors at your request–for example:


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