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What is that qing?

Stay green, pony boy.

Drinking a shou puerh brick with friends, we noticed the character [qing] in the description.  can mean “green”, “black”, “young”, “grass”, or “unripe crops”.  I knew that this character was used when describing production methods of green tea, so I thought I’d summarize those here. Continue reading ‘What is that qing?’


Whither water?

Drinking tea is hard work

I’ve been neck-deep in the Chinese tea culture for the last few months, and I made a movement back to Western empiricism: I got out the cupping sets again.  We devised an elaborate menu of experiments, but we didn’t get beyond comparing waters.  There’s a lot to be learned.

Continue reading ‘Whither water?’

The trouble with the world today

Mandy Patinkin – Coffee in a Cardboard Cup

If this song celebrates a meditative lifestyle, why is it so frantic?  Maybe I should have a gongfu session while listening to sports-metal.

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