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Misadventures in Minerality

I'd rather drink muddy water, and sleep in a hollow log

You may have read that we like to play with water.  Lacking an agenda for the weekly tea seminar, I bought a bottle of Gerolsteiner, the sparkling water with a hefty 2527 total dissolved solids, and resolved to brew tea with it.  I heard they were doing this in the next Jackass movie.
I was a little worried about boiling sparkling water.  The internet reassured us that the water would simply lose its carbonation, which was desirable in our case.  If you lean over the kettle while it’s boiling carbonated water, do you inhale carbon dioxide and pass out?

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With tea, all things are possible.

Use a strainer, I don't want that much hair

After Tea – “We Will Be There After Tea”

Love this song.  After Tea was a band that broke off from the Dutch band “Tee Set.”  This 1968 single reached #16 on the Dutch top 40, and was also popularized by British band The Spencer Davis Group and Germany’s Die Rattles.  If you can’t penetrate the Dutch accent, here’s the lyrics.  Not sure if the singer plans to add hallucinogens to his tea to reach these spacey destinations, but I prefer to think he’s just got some wicked good Dong Ding.

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